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    Throughout issue 2 of the magnificent “Neighbour” magazine, my encounters took place in the heart of the forest.
    I had the chance to meet Karen, Didier and Kate, in order to illustrate in pictures their various activities related to the forest.



    I was very proud to contribute to the very first issue of the new magazine in Luxembourg. I came out after the pandemic period and the main topic of the issue was about reconnecting people in between themselves, and with nature, practicing sustainability activities such as yoga. In this issue, I was asked to illustrate 2 articles and I was proud to discover one of my pictures on the cover.

  • SCIENCES PSY Magazine

    The magazine Sciences Psy had asked me to illustrate a file on the game, its assets and its risks at all ages. An exciting research work for which I had been entitled to a large margin of creativity.

  • Togzine Mathilde Magne

    Publication in Tog-zine about my work on newborns portraiture

  • Collective Exhibition – Galerie de la Porte d’Italie – Toulon (Fr)

    In July 2011, I was honored to be able to exhibit a series of portraits at the Galerie de la Porte d’Italie in Toulon (France), as part of a collective exhibition with the Var sculptor Ivan Matis. The scenography featuring my images, around the monumental curves of Ivan, all within the stone vaulted gallery, was an ode to femininity.