Advertising, Illustration

This service is dedicated to any company wishing to present its products for sale.

Whether for an online store, a social network page, a printed catalogue, or even an advertising poster, this service makes it possible to produce all the visuals necessary for the promotion of products. Depending on requirements, the photographs can be in the form of pack shots when there are several products for sale (white or coloured background, in series, and with the same lighting), and/or in the form of a composition (staged photos of the product in a specific environment, in order to enhance the spirit of the brand and its universe, or to place the product in the context of its use).

A preliminary study is carried out to determine the requirements of the company.




studio product shooting
280 Per Hour
  • Shooting fees for One Hour


studio setting and advertising shooting
280 Per Hour
  • Shooting fees for One Hour


on site reportage and composition
250 Per Hour
  • Shooting fees for One Hour